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Air By The Way is a powerful platform connecting travelers with people who need items delivered to the same location they're traveling to, helping each other along the way.

Companion Service

Air By The Way also connects travelers that need assistance with companions that will help reunite them with family, escorting them every step of the way.

Easy to use

Itís simple. Create your trip or find a traveler and weíll do the rest.

About Us

Air By The Way is dedicated to facilitating parcel delivery by way of travelers with extra baggage space, through innovation an technology

Our mission is twofold. Air By The Way is dedicated to facilitating parcel delivery by way of travelers with extra baggage space, through innovation an technology. Our platform provides a more cost-effectiveoption for sending items to certain locations than traditional courier services.

We also started the Travel Companion Program primarily to bring families and friends together regardless of the distance between them. To give seniors and persons in need of assistance the freedom to fly stress-free and without fear. We have family members we love that needed to fly, but could not do it alone. It was just not possible for other family members to accompany them due to the high costs involved and not having the time off to be able to help them, causing missed quality time with loved ones.

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How it works

  1. Find the Flyer

    Find the right person for your request

  2. Chat to discuss
    service needed

    Chat with him
    to discuss details

  3. Agree on website to meet

    Make sure both sides
    agree on deal

  4. Meet to Finalize deal

    Meet flyer on agreed
    time and place

  5. Get Service Delivered

    Track your parcel &
    Get notified when your parcel is delivered

App block

Our Android and IOS Mobile app gives users seamless comfort and ability to use their Mobiles for scanning QR Code for initiation of deal and finishing point of deal.
  • Search the matching flyer on our website and send message, and if both of you agree, you can fix a meeting to hand over parcel.
  • Flyer and Requester meet in person, Flyer checks content of parcel and then seals it in front of Requester. After sealing the Flyer scans QR Code on Requester mobile phone using our app , this ensures that they both have an agreement.
  • Flyer travels to destination country and meets recipient to hand over parcel , When parcel is given to recipient he gives QR Code to flyer , which flyer scans with help of our app.
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Travel Companion Program

Do you have a loved one that needs assistance traveling safely to see family but you donít have the time or money to accompany them ?

Our Travel Companion Program facilitates family reunions by connecting travelers in need of assistance with other passengers to accompany them who are also traveling to the same destination. Whether its senior people wanting to join family for weddings or important reunions, or just wanting to take a vacation, travel companions provide comfort and a stress-free travel experiencefor the traveler in need and a peace of mind for their families.

AirByTheWay Parcel Market Place

Need an item delivered but traditional parcel services want to charge you too much money?
Want to make some extra cash while you travel ?

Our platform connects travelers around the globe with people who need to have items delivered to the same destination by utilizing their unused baggage space provided by airlines.

Our innovative technology allows your items to be tracked from end to end with security measures including confirmation receipts, QR codes, and password entry ensuring it arrives to its intended destination.

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