Rahu – Ketu are transiting your 3rd and 9th house respectively. Worship lord bhairav is recommended to them. Since Saturn is also transiting in trine from Rahu in Makar rashi there is high possibility of drought/mahamari (diseases) and mass deaths in coming 2 years. Saturn+Jupiter in the 5th house are good for gains and planning for child, however karaka jupiter is neecha so women folks are advised to be careful during pregnancies. Due to dissatisfaction or issues in the current job though if not the extreme happen then atleast turbulence will be experienced at least mentally. Rahu in 12th will increase your expenses, you will be spending money on unnecessary things which will burn a hole in your pocket. Rahu in 5th house spikes interest in gambling. the Indian moon sign. One more thing which in general appears that native will be criticized by the people and chances of dispute/ conflicts  with family members increases, unhappiness may prevail. There can be inclination for foreign oriented programs or even foreign travels to the native. During this it seen that native may filled anxiety and fear which will be mostly apprehensive and will have no real life connection hence native will have sleep related issues and ill health on account of his mental state, native will be unhappy but he/she will feel inclined towards occult, black magic, negative side of tantra etc. If the native is having good moon and sun then this period also bring monetary gains, wealth and  recognition of skills/talent, award to the native and even change of job can happen those who are searching but the choice or opportunity may be bit lower than expectation. Goddess Durga to be worshipped during this time. Rahu – Ketu axis will be transiting your 6th house and 12th house respetively. Recite hanuman chalisa and shani stotra daily and light deepa in shani temple on Saturdays for your sade-sati to be mild. If you have a Virgo Rising during this transit period, your Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 9th and 3rd house during the 18 month transit period. Rahu Enters Gemini and Ketu Enters Leo on 23rd September 2020. Overall it will good period from transit point  of view to Leo natives. This year will prove very good for spiritually inclined people. Ketu in the 9th house is highly beneficial for spiritual pursuits, more so if you have jupiter posited in the 5th or lagna in your horoscope. Rahu transit 2020 explains that Rahu, one of the Navgraha, is known as a shadow planet as it does not possess a physical entity.Despite this fact, Rahu is known to have a significant impact on all the Zodiac Signs. Those who are seeking a child have a good year ahead to try for a child. On 23 September 2020, Rahu will be transiting through the Taurus sign and Ketu will enter Scorpio sign respectively and both will remain in these sign upto 12 April 2022. These dates are as per mean node calculations.Taurus is Rahu’s exalted sign and Scorpio is … It is also likely that native may feel humiliated or some sort of disrespect may be attracted during this period. Do remedies of jupiter+saturn in the coming year. Rahu in 5th house is hindrance to smooth pregnancy though it will be aspected by jupiter. Ketu in 4th house can also make you feel lonely and create a vacuum inside you. In this transit, the Gemini ascendants should remain cautious with all the monetary transactions they do. Gains will follow in monetary term and sense of accomplishment will prevail though desire for more keep on increasing. Natives native Leo Moon Sign  then this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020-2022 is going to occur on 10-4 axis. Jupiter’s aspect on rahu however is good to control negative results of rahu. Be little careful not to trust your friends and colleagues in financial matters as rahu in 11th can get you cheated by someone close to you. However one possibility of getting defamed or getting ill repute also appearing in this transit, any close friend or friendship will be lost, stomach related or heart related disease may trouble these natives. Take care to avoid getting involved in legal issues/litigation. and also these natives be having gains from mid till end of the transit. Parents are advised to keep watch on their children as they can be prone to going astray. Rahu – Ketu will transit your 11th house and 5th house axis. Rahu in 4th house and ketu in 4th house will be bad for health of your parents, there can some problems in domestic life. Nonetheless, positive side of this transit is that native may experience pleasurable events also  recognition of talent/ skill is likely to happen and towards end or after middle of transit result of efforts in terms of success and good results is seen. Later in Krittika (2,3,4 quarters) till 19:15 IST, 17 March 2022. Nonetheless these physical pleasure and times may act immorally and may have any affair etc. This is a sign of luxury, wealth, earnings, stability, beauty and glamour etc. Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions. Those having aspect of jupiter on lagna will experience divine bliss and interest in mystical/occult and puranic/vedic literature. Both these planets will leave the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and enter Tauras-Scorpio axis from September 2020 onward. Rahu – Ketu will transit your 10th and 4th house axis. Ketu transits in 2021-2022 : Ketu in Jyeshta nakshtra until 22:54 IST, 13 June 2021. Persons efforts will be fructified and success will be achieved but on demerit which comes is that native sometimes become overambitious and extra courageous which sometimes land him into trouble as he/she forget where to stop and how much is required.
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